Reiver Sports About Us


Who are we you ask? Well we are a group of lads from the north who have been skating almost as long as we could walk. For years we have aspired to become a part of the skateboard industry and in 2013 we decided to have a go at making our own decks. We built a press from scratch, ordered some maple veneers from Canada and began the production process. After a few attempts the decks were starting to look pretty good and we were getting pretty excited to start up business. Once we had got the process down and our spirits were high we were dealt a crushing blow in the form of our garage workspace having to be demolished. Too add insult to injury one of our managing directors managed to break his leg resulting in five months off his feet. This fortunately gave us some time to find a new building and devise our plan of action. After months of viewings and negotiations we finally acquired a building fit for purpose. Now the only problem was getting funding for larger more industrial machines. This is when we decided to make an online shop selling only the finest quality skateboard hardware. We felt having all these other products around us would give us the knowledge and inspiration to make our products the best that they can be and make our brand something we can be really proud of. Our manufacturing will still take some time to get up and running so for the meantime enjoy our online store and keep an eye on our progress via our social medias. Our online catalogue is forever getting bigger with more brands and good quality products being added each week so don’t be a stranger!!

Our ethos

We strive to bring our customers only the best quality skateboard hardware, no substitute accepted.

Our name

The word “Reiver” comes from “the Border Reivers” who are legendary in history around our neck of the woods. They were rough, tough and a law unto themselves in a lawless land. We hope our business can be as strong, independent and as legendary as these ruthless raiders.