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In this edition of products we’re stoked on i’d like to talk about the new Street Plant Brand Elephant series. This series pays homage to Mike Vallely’s first pro model(The Elephant) on Powell Peralta back in 1988. Mike V has been my favourite pro skater pretty much since the first time I ever saw any footage of him, he struck me as a gnarly dude you wouldn’t want to mess with and his skating spoke for itself. When I was about 19 I bought a Powell Peralta Mike V Elephant reissue and it was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. The deck was 9.5″ wide, the biggest deck i’d ever stepped foot on, it had Independent trucks in size 169 and a set of 60mm Rat bones possibly these smoothest and most silent wheels ever made. I had originally bought the deck as more as a cruiser and didn’t envisage my self using it that much but soon enough I had absolutely fallen in love with it! I’d take it to every skate session even it meant walking around with 2 skateboards all day then eventually it was the only board I was using, I even started to learn new tricks on it to the amazement of some of my friends. With such an awesome board came a certain level of attention, I couldn’t take it anywhere without being mobbed by other people wanting to look at it or to have a go and when I did let them have a go you should have seen there faces, kids would have a whizz round and come back saying things like “Woooah that’s the sickest board ever” “That’s such a rad shape” “those are the smoothest wheels” all in all it was one hell of board. As time went on the board obviously started to show signs of ware and tear, as the months past and the skate sessions continued the Elephant board sadly had to retire. It had treated me well and I was in the market for a replacement, little did I know that during the months I had been tearing the streets apart on my Elephant board Powell Peralta had discontinued it, I was devastated, to think that the most amazing deck that I had ever skated was never to be skated again! I spent weeks scouring all 4 corners of the internet in search for a another Elephant board to sooth my pain but atlas there were none to be found. Fast forward 9 years and we have the Street Plant Brand Elephant series! To say I was stoked to hear about the new decks inspired by the Powell Peralta original would be an understatement! The new Elephant decks come in a verity of 3 different sizes, the Mini Elephant measuring 7.75″ x 30.0″, the Modern Elephant at 8.75″ x 32.625″ and finally the Tusker measuring 9.0″ x 33.625″ all made in Professor Schmitt’s workshop. The new graphic featured on the Elephant series was reinterpreted by graffiti artist and close friend of Mike, Bigfoot!


We’re stoked to have the Elephant series and it’ll not be long before I’m setting one up as my new shred sled!


As you can see in the first picture in this post my Elephant board took a bit of a battering!